The best company for talents seeking jobs across the border! Wistron India wins HR Asia's Best Companies to Work for in Asia award

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The best company for talents seeking jobs across the border! Wistron India wins HR Asia's Best Companies to Work for in Asia award


Wistron India received the "Best Companies to Work for in Asia" award from “HR Asia,” the second time Wistron has received the award in the same year (Taiwan and India) with its outstanding achievements. Starting from Taiwan and practicing the philosophy of a happy company, Wistron has long been committed to global deployment and cultivation of multinational talents, and has become one of the top choices for multinational talents and young people seeking jobs overseas in recent years.

According to a survey conducted by HR Asia, 90% of the employees have expectations beyond salary and benefits, and "entrepreneurial spirit and sustainable values" are important considerations for the new generation of talents seeking employment. Unlike the conservative strategies of traditional companies, Wistron focuses on a friendly workplace and actively practices ESG sustainability to enhance the multiple performance of human resources and create a scenario of mutual prosperity.

Illustration: Following the local tradition, Wistron India hosts a variety of celebration events to allow talents to stand at the top of technology to expand their international horizons and experience a different workplace atmosphere. Photo/Courtesy of Wistron Corporation

Thanks to the appropriate responsive measures to the pandemic, 80% of employees maintain a high level of willingness to work, turning a crisis into an opportunity

The COVID-19 pandemic that has hit the world severely has brought unpredictable turbulence to the job market in the technology industry, forcing those who were planning to travel abroad for jobs or on business trips to hold off. Internal decision making and immediate action become important indicators to measure effectiveness of maintaining a safe work environment under various unpredictabilities for a company. According to HR Asia's analysis, as many as 88% of Wistron's employees in India say they are willing to work in the face of a severe pandemic because the company has taken good precautionary measures, which means that a robust welfare system and comprehensive support measures can give them peace of mind.

Illustration: Under the leadership of senior management, two-way communication is encouraged to listen to the voices of base-level employees. Photo/Courtesy of Wistron Corporation

At the beginning of the 2020 when the pandemic was on the rise, Wistron India efficiently took rigorous and preventive actions, including use of a face recognition system to reduce contact hot spots, establishment of more than 130 disinfection stations and provision of PCR testing. As for the coverage of vaccination, Wistron achieved over 95% coverage of the first dose of vaccine for all employees within three months and over 90% coverage of the second dose of vaccine within six months to allow employees to enjoy complete vaccine protection and adequate medical resources support.

Looking at the world, Wistron India embraces a diversity of culture as the first stop in India's Silicon Valley

Faced with the inevitable wave of globalization, Wistron sees the potential of India's technology industry and has developed a strategy to cultivate multinational talents and successfully bridged the growth opportunities brought about by the rise of digital transformation. In recent years, Wistron has accelerated its presence in India's Silicon Valley, Bangalore and has continued to develop new businesses and injected resources to enhance transnational leadership and local collaboration capabilities through comprehensive international training and the transfer of personal experience from overseas executives, in order to fully prepare for the hard skills of transnational talent.

In line with local festivals, Wistron India organizes various celebrations to encourage expatriate employees to actively participate in exciting foreign cultures after work, such as Indian Independence Day, Diwali, Dussehra, etc., so that they can immerse themselves in a multi-cultural workplace atmosphere and expand their international horizons at the top of technology. The Women's Day talent activities are organized for female employees. In addition to the festive atmosphere, the activities also provide a platform for employees to express themselves. At the same time, Wistron protects gender equality and cares for women's rights and interests, such as providing identification of pregnant women to ensure job safety, medical consultation for common diseases of women and 16 women's buses, among other exclusive benefits.

Illustration: Wistron India celebrates International Women's Day and spares no effort in women's rights and interests, providing a stage for employees to express themselves and ensuring women's safety and welfare in the workplace. Photo/Courtesy of Wistron Corporation

Wistron India cultivates multi-national talents! Building the best stage for the technology industry by putting people first

For the strategic deployment in response to ongoing change in the world, Wistron provides long-term planning for the cultivation of multinational talents and has become the first choice for many talents in the technology industries to work overseas. Wistron's engineering and R&D talents conduct technical exchanges with top-tier global companies, renowned academic institutions and laboratories through a team approach. By implementing these actions in practice, employees are allowed to learn the latest technologies, apply them to various smart products, and manufacture processes at any time. Additionally, Wistron provides a comfortable working environment with attractive compensation and benefits, as well as a global career development program, so that they can join Wistron in the international workplace to connect with the global market.