Water Resources

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Water Resources

Water Resources

Water Resources Management

Wistron's production processes mainly consist of product assembly which does not involve the use of a great amount of water. Most of the water demand is for domestic use and plant equipment such as kitchens and cooling towers. After Wistron's evaluation, the source of water for each plant and each office is tap water. It does not cause obvious environmental impact on water resources and the ecological environment of water sources. Nevertheless, Wistron still actively collects water consumption data and regularly monitors water quality and consumption conditions. We organize water conservation campaigns from time to time for the purpose of protecting water resources.

Wistron's management of water resources can be divided into "implementation of water resource management and day-today water conservation" and "implementation of water recycling and wastewater management."We conduct an inventory of high-risk areas for water resources based on an evaluation of the water stress indicators of our global operations. We then implement preventive measures based on the water resource management strategy. Dedicated units in different plants are responsible for water resource management, plan formulation and implementation, regular monitoring, resolution of irregularities, data analysis, and continuous improvements. Wistron is committed to rigorous compliance with the national regulations on water resources, reasonable use of water resources, prioritized selection of water conservation equipment, and use of energy conservation panels to monitor the consumption of water resources and improve water use efficiency.

Wistron's water use target in 2022: Reduce water consumption intensity by 10% compared to 2016 and implement more ambitious goals for 2023, 2025, and 2030, and continuous tracking to disclose the water saving performance of each year.

Water Usage

Unit: million liters

Water source 2019 2020 2021 2022
Tap Water 5,239.92 5,073.08 3,990.63 3,812.36
Surface Water 0.96 0.78 0.17 0.12
Groundwater 95.74 96.19 99.24 -
Total 5,336.62 5,170.06 4,090.04 3,812.48

Water Usage Performance Indicators
Performance Indicators Unit 2019 2020 2021 2022
Water usage per unit-revenue Kilotons of water / NT$ billion 6.4 6.5 5.2 4.2
Water Percentage (%) 11.45 12.76 8.93 7.65
  • Notes 1:Water consumption intensity: Calculated based on the water consumption / plant revenue of Wistron's global manufacturing plants.
  • Notes 2:Water intensity in 2016 was 6.7 kilotons / NT$ billion.