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International Talent Recruitment

International Talent Recruitment

Attract Talents from Around the Globe


In order to effectively provide the talents required for business growth, Wistron has created a diverse and flexible recruitment mechanism and has integrated AI technologies to improve recruitment efficiency. In 2021, new employees totaled 155,226 people. The majority of the employees were 30-year-old males in non-managerial positions, which adheres to Wistron’s industry attributes and operation momentum. Wistron uses diverse recruitment channels to attract talent. These include job websites/social media, campus recruitment events, industry-academia partnerships and internships, internal reference, headhunting, resigned employee return plan, recruitment of foreign talent, and job matching for the talent pool.

New Employees


Wistron is focused on recruitment and hiring procedures and orientation training to help new recruits adapt quickly to the workplace and culture, including the design of the new recruit interview process optimization, the new recruit productivity improvement plan, and new recruit training program to enable new employees to understand Wistron's corporate culture, industry concepts and relevant occupational safety knowledge through the interview and training process.

2018 2019 2020 2021
Total number of new employees 204,756 179,784 198,087 155,226
Recruitment rate (%) 260% 256% 285% 247%
Percentage of open positions filled by internal candidates (internal hires) (%) 72.53% 67.95% 66.49% 52.95%
  • Note 1: Recruitment rate = New employees in the current year/total number of employees in the current year
  • Note 2: Percentage of open positions filled by internal candidates (internal hires) = Replacement rate of indirect employee positions by internal employees. Due to the Company’s deployment in new industries, diversified talents are required. Therefore, external recruitment has become the main approach for filling internal positions, which has caused a decrease in the internal position replacement rate.

Distribution of new employees

Internal hiring rate

Local Recruitment


Wistron upholds the concept of hiring talents based on merit and actively hires and trains elite talents from different countries. The Company also continues to set "hiring local talents as managerial staff" as a key goal in the annual performance evaluation of the plants each year to actively hire local talents. In addition to the continuous increase in local job opportunities, Wistron provides employees with relatively high compensation and passes on operation and management knowledge through training so that local talents acquire basic work skills as well as management skills for serving as managerial staff. In 2021, local hires in managerial roles accounted for 92.6%. Local hires accounted for 88.4% of the managerial staff ranked department level manager or above.

  • Note: Local employees are defined as employees of the nationality of the country in which the Company is located