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International Talent Recruitment

International Talent Recruitment

Attract Talents from Around the Globe

Wistron has formulated a diverse recruitment plan to attract outstanding professionals from all areas. We recruit potential talents and enhance industrial competitiveness through different platforms including job search platforms, social media, campus talent recruitment activities, industry-university cooperation and internships, and talent hunting consultants. In 2022, there were a total of 84,044 new employees, mainly male and non-managerial employees under age 30. In 2022, the Company was affected by the impact of the pandemic so as the global manpower layout was adjusted accordingly. Wistron adheres to the sustainable operation and the enhancement of competitiveness as the operation direction to integrate regional resources and optimize the management system. As a result, the total number of new recruits in 2022 is lower than that of the previous year, especially in the Asian region.

Wistron introduced the "NLP Behavioral Competence" evaluation system to continue the Company's vision of "sustainability through innovation". By using speech analysis technology to analyze the six major behavioral competencies, we aim to enhance the efficiency of recruitment interviews and actively develop the innovative technology to discover the value of talents. Wistron develops multiple pipelines to deploy global talents in order to cultivate new generations of domestic and foreign talents. It includes holding a reserve talent plan for 2 consecutive years, and the number of participants has doubled. Moreover, 600 overseas Chinese students were assisted to promote their cultivation and development in Taiwan by organizing athletic activities. In addition to offline 39 industry-university lectures, the Campus Ambassador Program was held for the first time. It guides students to connect with the workplace, and it uses concrete actions and innovative recruitment solutions to cultivate talents and enhance their international soft and hard capabilities.

New Employees

Wistron is focused on recruitment and hiring procedures and orientation training to help new employees adapt quickly to the workplace and culture, including the design of the new recruit interview process optimization, the new recruit productivity improvement plan, and new recruit training program to enable new employees to understand Wistron's corporate culture, industry concepts and relevant occupational safety knowledge through the interview and training process.

2019 2020 2021 2022
Total number of new employees 179,784 198,087 155,226 84,044
Recruitment rate (%) 256% 285% 247% 164%
Percentage of open positions filled by internal candidates (internal hires) (%) 67.95% 66.49% 52.95% 69.68%
Average hiring costs per new hires NT$ 5,046 NT$ 3,832 NT$ 7,143 NT$ 10,532

  • Note 1: Recruitment rate = New employees in the current year/total number of employees in the current year
  • Note 2: Percentage of open positions filled by internal candidates (internal hires) = the ratio of indirect employees' vacancies filled by internal colleagues, including the transfer and replacement of employees. In 2022, strategies and operations of the Company were integrated and readjusted, resulting in an increase in higher rate of internal talent.
  • Note 3: Average hiring cost per new hires = recruitment cost/total number of hires. The increase in recruitment costs is due to the fact that the unit price of recruiting in the local area increased and some projects are planned on a long-term basis with fixed annual recruiting fees.

Distribution of new employees

Internal hiring rate

Local Recruitment

Wistron upholds the concept of hiring talents based on meritocracy and actively hires and trains elite talents from different countries. The Company also continues to set "hiring local talents as managerial staff" as a key goal in the annual performance evaluation of the plants each year. In response to local manpower needs, each plant launches different recruitment strategies to actively hire local talents.
In addition to the continuous increase in local job opportunities, Wistron provides employees with relatively high compensation and passes on operation and management knowledge through training so that local talents acquire basic work skills as well as management skills for serving as managerial staff. In 2022, local hires in managerial roles accounted for 93%. Local hires accounted for 90% of the managerial staff ranked department manager and above.

  • Note: Local employees are defined as employees of the nationality of the country in which the Company is located

Smooth DL promotion pipeline

In 2022, Wistron has launched a comprehensive plan for direct employee career paths in order to assist potential employees to gradually grow and accumulate professional skills and management knowledge during their work at Wistron. The plan smooths various types of development channels to ensure that every employee has the same opportunity to move towards self-realization. The related measures include reviewing and enhancing the promotion system of different job types, introducing corresponding training programs such as skill certification or training courses, and establishing multiple management indicators to track progress regularly.