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Social Investment

Social Investment

Responding to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Following the five steps found in the “Business Reporting on the SDGs,” published by the United Nations and the GRI, we were able to identify 7 goals that correlate with Wistron’s sustainability vision and charity strategy and they are as follows: SDG 1 No Poverty, SDG 3 Good Health and Well-Being, SDG 4 Quality Education, SDG 6 Clean Water and Sanitation, SDG 9 Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure, SDG 15 Life on Land, and SDG 17 Partnerships for the Goals.

Wistron Foundation

Since the establishment in 2010, the two focus areas of the Wistron Foundation's development and public welfare strategies have been "environment" and "humanities". In this way, the concept of "altruism" has been practiced, and the balance and harmony between human and nature have also been committed to facilitate. The foundation cooperates with non-profit partners with the same philosophy to carry out diversified and long-term project partnership. We strategically focus on culture & care and the environment in order to strengthen the protection of the environment and ecology and to enhance the humanistic values. The 6 major aspects of project investments include: environmental protection, habitat adoption, environmental education, cultural enhancement, education and care, and service implementation. Work proposals of the Foundation are regularly submitted to the Board of Directors each year to report on the implementation status and results and ensure that the charity projects meet the aims and targets of the Foundation. In 2022, a total of 25 projects were implemented.

  • In 2022, a total of   25   projects were implemented.

Employees’ Impact

We create a corporate mission of "Trusted Innovation Partner for Technology, Sustainability & Better Lives" to respond to the sustainable challenges that the society is concerned about under the corporate vision of "Sustainability through Innovation" through the key strategies such as "people with purpose" and "labor welfare". Besides using our existing charity impact, Wistron also encourages our employees to participate in social welfare activities. The voluntary donation activities and charity sales activities have received great feedback from the employees. In terms of technological innovation, we take the medium and long term as the development goal to enable the Company's technology research and development capabilities to grow together with the society. The application field of smart life is realized to improve social welfare. For a long period of time, Wistron and its professional public welfare partners have focused on environmental ecology and protection in addition to the application of technological advantages and social investment projects linked to industries. We see the value of sustainability when the issue of continuity is deeply cultivated. The development goals of long-term practice are jointly established, and our employees can also personally participate in it.

Commercial and social benefits of the six major charity focuses
Focus Area Motivation Focal Points Project Commercial Benefits Social Benefits
Technological Literacy Using the core innovation and R&D technologies of the Company and with the long-term cooperation mechanisms of academia-industrygovernment partnerships and research organizations, we work together to cultivate technological talents and to accelerate development timelines for emerging technologies. In terms of smartification and healthcare, we implement our technological innovations and strengthen our R&D capabilities to create new opportunities for growth. Talent Cultivation Golf Learning & Field, and Epoch School: "Future Entrepreneur", "Future International Manager Internship", MIT CSAIL and Wistron Research Collaboration, 2022 Wistron Star, "Wistron Women's Open 2022", Wistron Hsinchu Dream Project (academia-industry collaborations and internships), Chengdu Craftsman Nest Vocational Skills Training School Training Cooperation, IT industry masters course.
  • MIT Sloan on-line advanced course information has provided 30 Sloan on-line course information (corporate senior managers training) so far
  • A total of 40 people participated in the implementation of the MIT CSAIL project with 6 papers published in academic journals
  • 115 corporate recruitment messages were released on the Epoch School platform
  • Gap of Learning & Field provided 27 on-line courses and trained 705 students
  • IT industry masters course, 6 people
  • Wistron Hsinchu Dream Project, 40 people
  • Star of Wistron summer internship, 25 people
  • industry-academic cooperation projects, 21 cases
  • IT industry masters course, 1.8 million
  • Wistron Hsinchu Dream Project, 1.94 million
  • Star of Wistron summer internship, about 2.69 million
Technological Innovation MIT Industrial Liaison Program (ILP, Wistron Lab @ Garage+, AIoT Smart Kidney Disease Care Service Platform, Trial Project for Establishment of AI Health Promotion System for Aboriginal Elderly, Light Rail Sign System R&D Project, Smart traffic system, WiSleep non-contact physiological detection health monitoring system, smart walking assistant detection system, AI talent development program, Developed the 1.6 Tbps Photonic Opto Receiver, 5G AI pathology service platform research and development plan.
  • 35 events of Wistron Day
  • 104 events of Corporate Day
  • 400 events of investment business opportunities matchmaking
  • 86 events of Mentor Consultation
  • 1 events of Exhibition
  • 24 events of Networking Event
  • 49 events of Workshop
  • 32 events of New Media Interviews
  • 50 groups of domestic and foreign start-ups were introduced to discuss cooperation opportunities with Wistron CVC and related business departments
  • AIoT Smart Kidney Disease Care Service Platform has been launched in Siaogang Hospital
  • Smart traffic system was handed over to Wistron for commercialization
  • AI talent development program offers 25 courses.
  • Wistron has cultivated 400 R&D engineers.
  • Epoch-ILP Project has held 11 on-line lectures and 1 master forum in Taiwan in 2022
  • Trial Project for Establishment of AI Health Promotion System for Aboriginal Elderly served more than 550 elderly people. There are more than 30,000 physiological measurement records with the overall satisfaction rate of 88.8% and the satisfaction rate over 80% to use tablets
  • In 2022, the number of newborns served by WiSleep > 6,000. There were 50 chest wards, rehabilitation wards, cardiology wards, and COVID-19 special wards in long-term care and medical institutions with more than > 3,000 people in care
Culture and Social Welfare Wistron takes "Sustainability through Innovation" as its future vision. Community and public welfare partners are important stakeholders in our operations. Together, we actively participate in community public affairs to implement community care and culture & care. We have established a long-term cooperation mechanism with public welfare groups. Culture and care Charity cooperation/donation projects, charity sales, annual holiday donation project, and community care implementation.
  • Self-initiated donation project of the Company: 61 items
  • Culture and care events, 21 items
  • Approximately 3.92 million of voluntary donations
Culture enhancement Production and promotion of quality video content, training of diverse and specialized teachers, study companionship for underprivileged children in rural areas, and retention and cultivation of professionals in NGO organizations.
Natural capital The balance and harmony between human and the nature is facilitated by continuously investing in the protection of the environment and ecology with partners to achieve the symbiosis and mutual benefit between human and the environment. Natural ecology protection Habitat protection and conservation works, ecological investigation and environmental monitoring, conservation and restoration of endangered animals and plants, rescue of wild animals and tracking of pangolins released into the wild.
  • Employee volunteers (including family members): 91 employees/ 48 friends and family members
  • Environmental education activities, 264 events
  • Number of participants in environmental education, 11,500 people
  • Number of employees to participate in volunteer activities related to the environment, 150 people
Environmental education Promotion and lesson designs for environmental education, seed lecturer and volunteer training, and maintenance and repair of environmental education field facilities.