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Social Influence

Social Influence

Social Influence

The Company's social investments in 2022 totaled NT$248,471,983, including Wistron's partnership programs with industries, governments, academia, and research institutions in Taiwan and abroad, the Company's participation in external charity activities and donations, Wistron Foundation, charity activities of the Employee Welfare Committee, and public welfare activities promoted by the Company with voluntary employee participation. Wistron not only continues focus on the fields of environment and humanities, but also adopts more active forward-looking investment in recent years to introduce strategic technology partners to invest and start a new team together. Wistron also encouraged employees to participate in social welfare projects. We aimed to deliver resources more effectively to the groups in need by calling all our employees and companies to action.

Social Engagement Type
Social Welfare Investment
Impact: People
Impact: Communities
Item Budget (NTD) Ratio
Charity Activities 14,616,768 5.89%
Community Investment 81,480,731 32.79%
Business Initiatives 152,373,884 61.32%
Item Budget (NTD) Ratio
Cash Investment 235,726,478 94.87%
Volunteer Investment 804,167 0.32%
Donations of Supplies 2,429,854 0.98%
Management 9,510,884 3.83%
Item Budget (NTD) Ratio
Connection 62,809,260 25.28%
Improvement 176,111,131 70.88%
Transformation 9,550,992 3.84%
Item Budget (NTD) Ratio
Behavior and attitude changes 54,122,082 21.78%
Personal and skill development 98,943,244 39.82%
Benefit improvements 95,406,057 38.40%