Inclusion and Diversity

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Inclusion and Diversity

Inclusion and Diversity

Employee Composition

Wistron upholds the core value of a people-oriented philosophy and complies with all local regulations to recruit diverse talents from around the globe. We provide legal rights and benefits to all employees starting from the first day of employment. The employment categories of different regions as of the end of 2021 based on operation and production capacity requirements are shown in the table below.

Employment Categories by Region
Employment Category Employment Type Taiwan Kunshan Plant Kunshan Opt Plant Taizhou Plant Zhongshan Plant Chongqing Plant Chengdu Plant Mexico Plant Czechia Plant
Contract Type Non-fixed-term contract 8765 685 201 225 2903 1128 1035 2181 293
Fixed-term contract 324 5,194 2382 2733 18306 7335 8898 0 243
Total 9,089 5,879 2,583 2,958 21,209 8,463 9,933 2181 536
Full-Time/Part-Time Full-time 9088 5,879 2,583 2,958 21,209 7,854 9,933 2181 468
Part-time 1 0 0 0 0 609 0 0 68
Total 9,089 5,879 2,583 2,958 21,209 8,463 9,933 2181 536

Employee distribution

Region (Nationality) distribution
Region distribution 2021
Percentage of total employees Percentage in all management positions
China 80.59% 50.29%
Taiwan 14.20% 45.64%
Mexico 3.24% 2.37%
Philippines 1.06% 0.74%
Czechia 0.74% 0.87%
Slovakia 0.05% 0.03%
Others 0.12% 0.07%
  • Others: Includes employees from South Korea, Indonesia, United States and 18 other countries

Diversity and Inclusion

In 2019, Wistron established the ESG Committee to support sustainable development and uphold the core value of a people-oriented philosophy and its commitment to the society with the aim of creating a workplace of equality and tolerance. The number of Wistron employees in different regions as of the end of 2021 is shown in the table below. The ratio of male to female is 68:32.

Employee Statistics by Region and Gender
Region Taiwan Kunshan Plant Kunshan Opt Plant Taizhou Plant Zhongshan Plant Chongqing Plant Chengdu Plant Mexico Plant Czechia Plan Total
Male 5,968 4,079 1,669 1,729 15,289 6,149 6,507 1,222 253 42,865
Female 3,121 1,800 914 1,229 5,920 2,314 3,426 959 283 19,966
Total 9,089 5,879 2,583 2,958 21,209 8,463 9,933 2,181 536 62,831

Culture of Inclusion

Wistron is a company that shoulders social responsibilities. We believe that companies must start with themselves to support social inclusion and disadvantaged groups in the society. In terms of the recruitment of talents, the Company has hired employees with disabilities, ethnic minorities in Mainland China, and the indigenous peoples of Taiwan. To provide more diverse job opportunities, the Company hired 88 employees of indigenous descent and 98 employees with physical and mental disabilities in Taiwan in 2021. Employees with disabilities account for 0.84% of all employees around the world. The human rights policy approved by the Chairperson: Provide fair and reasonable remuneration and work conditions, and a safe and healthy work environment. Ensure equal job opportunities for all employees and forbid any form of discrimination. To create awareness of diversity within Wistron, the Humanity Division of Taiwan office began organizing diversity seminars on topics such as "The Unbreakable Spirit of Disabled Athletes". The seminars were provided to offices in other regions through live streaming to enhance employees' awareness of diversity.

Minorities and people with disabilities as a percentage of global workforce
2018 2019 2020 2021
Minorities 5.51% 5.51% 5.50% 9.42%
People with disabilities 0.31% 0.31% 0.81% 0.84%

Women in Technology

In 2021, the Wistron Board of Directors added a female director. The number of female supervisors is steadily growing, increasing by 24.94% in 2021. In terms of benefits, Wistron provides flexible work hours to all employees in Taiwan. Employees can adjust their work hours according to family care and personal needs. Employees can also enjoy 7 additional days of leave, which is more than the legal requirement. They may use the leave on work make up days and for their own plans, which allows employees to flexibly find time for work and family. At the same time, to promote childbirth, employees in Taiwan enjoy a special bonus of NT$60,000 for each newborn and the Employee Welfare Committee also provides an additional NT$2,000 per newborn as childbirth subsidies, in addition to basic “childbirth benefits and care” and “parental leave”.

In terms of cultivating women in technology, Wistron uses its digital academy, Gap of Learning and Field (GOLF), to provide female students with more opportunities to attend technology related courses and practical training. In 2021, Wistron provided 24 online professional courses for GOLF students. A total of 159 students participated in the courses, which included the training of 15 female interns.

GOLF students:

159 people

Female interns:

15 people

Female Employees Distribution
  • Note: STEM refers to positions related to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

Workplace Equality

Wistron firmly believes that diverse talents cannot make full use of their talents without protection for equality. Therefore, female employees of Wistron have the same opportunities and rights as male employees, which helps reverse the gender stereotype in the tech industry. The diverse composition of employees brings innovation and growth to the company. Wistron will continue to increase the proportion of female supervisors to 30% by 2025 through diversity and equality policies and training programs.

Indirect Employees by Level, Gender, and Age Group
Age Department Level Manager or Above Section-Level Manager Non-Managerial Employees Total
Male Female Male Female Male Female
Under 30 0.01% 0.02% 0.32% 0.14% 21.15% 12.22% 33.85%
Age 30-50 5.84% 1.59% 4.44% 1.99% 30.95% 16.65% 61.46%
Older than 50 1.83% 0.38% 0.11% 0.05% 1.72% 0.58% 4.67%
Total 7.69% 1.98% 4.87% 2.19% 53.83% 29.45% 100.00%

Be Equal is the essence of a diverse workplace. Wistron listens to employees’ the ideas and suggestions related to the three aspects of workplace atmosphere, remuneration, and development. In 2021, Wistron conducted a gender equality survey. The employee feedback score was 80.3%, showing that the majority of employees approve of the company’s gender equality planning and implementation. During the survey, many employees were happy to provide feedback and specific suggestions, giving the company valuable information for creating a gender equality and harmonious workplace.

Wistron has forbidden any discriminatory behavior based on employee nationality, skin color, age, gender, sexual orientation, race, disability, pregnancy, religious beliefs, political views, and marital status of club members in any matters related to employment, salary, rewards and punishments, promotions, and resignations.