Inclusion and Diversity

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Inclusion and Diversity

Inclusion and Diversity

Employee Composition

Wistron upholds the core value of a people-oriented philosophy and complies with all local regulations to recruit diverse talents from around the globe. We provide legal rights and benefits to all employees starting from the first day of employment. By the end of 2022, the global manpower has decreased compared with the previous year in response to the global business strategy and in accordance with the operational and capacity requirements. The employment categories of different regions are shown in the table below. The Asian region includes plants in Malaysia, China, and Taiwan region. Europe includes the plant in the Czech Republic. Americas includes the plant in Mexico.
To realize a diverse, equal, and inclusive working environment, we created Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) policy in 2023, with the aim of ensuring that all employees around the world receive respect and support in their participation in various business activities, and that they can make full use of their strengths and collaborate in achieve the company's vision of Sustainable through Innovation.

Employment Categories by Region
Employment Category Employment Type Taiwan Kunshan Plant Kunshan Opt Plant Taizhou Plant Zhongshan Plant Chongqing Plant Chengdu Plant Mexico Plant Czechia Plant Malaysia
Contract Type Non-fixed-term contract 11,207 645 288 259 3,782 1,460 1,285 6,233 321 1,665
Fixed-term contract 211 1,926 1,743 503 10,785 4,101 4,320 0 294 89
Total 11,418 2,571 2,031 762 14,567 5,561 5,605 6,233 615 1,754
Full-Time/Part-Time Full-time 11,207 2,571 2,031 729 14,567 5,290 5,605 6,233 551 1,754
Part-time 211 0 0 33 0 271 0 0 64 0
Total 11,418 2,571 2,031 762 14,567 5,561 5,605 6,233 615 1,754
  • Note: Fixed-term and Non-fixed-term contract: The indefinite term defines that there is no fixed termination time in the labor contract signed with the employee. Due to local laws and regulations, most of them are fixed-term contracts in mainland China

Employee distribution

Region (Nationality) distribution
Region(Nationality) distribution 2022
Percentage of total employees Percentage in all management positions
China 60.20% 45.37%
Taiwan 20.20% 47.12%
Mexico 11.75% 3.90%
Philippines 3.20% 0.68%
Malaysia 2.19% 1.77%
Czech Republic 0.91% 1.04%
Napal 0.76% 0.00%
Myanmar 0.26% 0.00%
Others 0.53% 0.12%
  • Others: Includes employees from India, Indonesia, United States and other 25 countries

Diversity and Inclusion

Wistron uphold the core value of a people-oriented philosophy and its commitment to the society with the aim of creating a workplace of equity and inclusion. The number of Wistron employees in different regions as of the end of 2022 is shown in the table below. The ratio of male to female is 63: 37. Our plants around the world create a friendly and diverse workplace environment. For example, in the Czech Republic, Ukrainian employees are specially recruited and internal workshops are held, so that each employee has the opportunity to share personal life experiences and interests. In addition, Malaysia plant maintains a healthy gender ratio to pay attention to the diversity of the workplace.

Employee Statistics by Region and Gender
Region Taiwan Kunshan Plant Kunshan Opt Plant Taizhou Plant Zhongshan Plant Chongqing Plant Chengdu Plant Mexico Plant Czechia Plant Malaysia Plant Total
Male 6,972 1,519 1,254 417 10,039 3,770 3,601 3,644 268 888 32,372
Female 4,446 1,052 777 345 4,528 1,791 2,004 2,589 347 866 18,745
Total 11,418 2,571 2,031 762 14,567 5,561 5,605 6,233 615 1,754 51,117

Culture of Inclusion

Wistron is a company that shoulders social responsibilities. We believe that companies must start with themselves to support social inclusion and disadvantaged groups in the society. In terms of the recruitment of talents, the Company has hired employees with disabilities, ethnic minorities in Mainland China, and the indigenous peoples of Taiwan. To provide more diverse job opportunities, employees with disabilities account for 1% of all employees around the world in 2022 with the increasing proportion year by year. The human rights policy approved by the Chairperson: Provide fair and reasonable remuneration and work conditions, and a safe and healthy work environment. Ensure equal job opportunities for all employees and forbid any form of discrimination. To cultivate diversity awareness within Wistron, the Taiwan office invites employees and their family to participate in the "Taipei National Highway Marathon" as part of our commitment to facial equality. Through daily activities, we aim to promote the principles of equality.

Minorities and people with disabilities as a percentage of global workforce
2019 2020 2021 2022
People with disabilities 0.63% 0.61% 0.84% 1.00%

Workplace Equality

Wistron firmly believes that diverse talents cannot make full use of their talents without protection for equality. Therefore, female employees of Wistron have the same opportunities and rights as male employees, which helps reverse the gender stereotype in the tech industry. The diverse composition of employees brings innovation and growth to the company. Wistron will continue to increase the proportion of female supervisors to 30% by 2030 through diversity and equality policies and training programs.

Indirect Employees by Level, Gender, and Age Group
Age Department Level Manager and Above Section-Level Manager Non-Managerial Employees Total
Male Female Male Female Male Female
Under 30 0.06% 0.02% 0.17% 0.10% 19.51% 11.98% 31.84%
Age 30-50 6.18% 1.72% 4.10% 1.95% 31.28% 17.30% 62.54%
Older than 50 2.25% 0.43% 0.20% 0.06% 2.02% 0.65% 5.62%
Total 8.49% 2.16% 4.48% 2.11% 52.82% 29.94% 100.00%

Be Equal is the essence of a diverse workplace. Wistron has forbidden any discriminatory behavior based on employee nationality, skin color, age, gender, sexual orientation, race, disability, pregnancy, religious beliefs, political views, and marital status of club members in any matters related to employment, salary, rewards and punishments, promotions, and resignations.

Important Achievements in Promoting Workplace Equality
Projects Key Specific Measures Results
Examination of rules and regulations The contents of various personnel policies have been re-examined to provide proposals for the recruiting, training and retention welfare measures and other aspects. The contents of nearly 90 relevant policies were reviewed to ensure that the scope covered diverse issues. Therefore, the inclusion of the policy has been increased and will be revised in 2023.
Gender equality survey
(Once every two years)
Wistron listens to employees' the ideas and suggestions related to the three aspects of workplace atmosphere, remuneration, and development. The employee feedback score was 80.3%, showing that the majority of employees approve of the Company's gender equality planning and implementation.
Lectures and activities of diversity and Equality Several lectures related to women's themes were held in Taiwan, such as a discussion of the literary story of the Chinese female writer, Sanmao, and a sharing of the unique experience and observation perspective of the female painter, Chen Rouan (Joan), traveling around the world alone. We hope that the gender equality awareness can exist and flow naturally in our employees' daily work activities through different information transmission modes.
Wistron's Zhongshan plant designed an on-line quiz on gender equality knowledge to provide our employees with a deeper understanding of gender equality issues.
Measures of local welfare In September 2022, Wistron's first kindergarten was opened in the Czechia plant. All preschool children aged 1 to 6 can enjoy the exclusive childcare services provided to our employees. Moreover, the professional education and the security personnel are hired to ensure the quality of education. 54 children have enrolled in the school, and our employees can pick up and drop off them flexibly according to the working hours.


Women in Technology

In 2021, the Wistron Board of Directors added a female director. The number of female supervisors is 24.80% in 2022. In terms of benefits, Wistron creates a gender-friendly "heart" workplace, and set up a worry-free working environment with all-round resources to take care of our employees. We provide flexible work hours to all employees in Taiwan.

Our employees can adjust their work hours according to family care and personal needs. Our employees can also enjoy 7 additional days of leave, which is more than the legal requirement. They may use the leave on work make up days and for their own vacation plans, which allows our employees to flexibly arrange time for work and family. In addition, to promote childbirth, employees in Taiwan enjoy a special bonus of NT$60,000 for each newborn and the Employee Welfare Committee also provides an additional NT$2,000 per newborn as childbirth subsidies, in addition to "basic childbirth benefits and care" and "parental leave". Kunshan plant sets up the "Carnation Care Station" for the female employees to pay special attention to both the physical and the psychological health of women. Physical and psychological safety lectures are regularly scheduled to increase the health awareness.

In order to strengthen the cultivation of women in technology, we are committed to helping female employees strengthen their digital skills through the "Digital Talents Cultivation Program," which further creates more diverse creative ideas. In 2022, the proportion of female employees trained in the program was 32.8%. Since 2021, Wistron first launched the 2-year MPT (Management Professional Talent) talents reserve plan, which is designed to provide express training for career advancement and quick accumulation of experience points for newcomers. They will become supervisors or project leaders after 2 years under complete and intensive trainings. In addition, women are encouraged to pursue their career goals boldly in order to break the image of the male dominated tech industry. Therefore, Wistron expects to empower women's technological capabilities from the freshman stage to become potential leaders in the future. In 2022, a total of 58 students participated in the training, with 28 of them being female students, accounting for 48.2% of the total. To encourage young women to join the technology industry, Wistron has established the Digital Academy of the Gap of Learning and Field (GOLF) Alliance, to provide the female students with more opportunities to attend technology-related courses and practical trainings. In 2022, Wistron provided 27 on-line professional courses for GOLF students. A total of 107 students participated in the courses, which included the cultivation of 40 female interns.

GOLF students:

107 people

Female interns:

40 people

Female Employees Distribution
  • Note: STEM refers to positions related to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math