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Open Communication Channels

Open Communication Channels

Open Communication Channels

Wistron respects the freedom and rights of individuals and has established an open platform for employees in all offices and plants across the world to express opinions. We seek to fully understand employees' requirements and expectations for workplace safety and health. Employees can provide suggestions, make requests, or ask questions relating to the Company in a confidential manner without fearing retribution.

Wistron values Internal Communication Channels and Heeds the Opinions of Employees

All offices and plants across the world have established an Employee Relationship Promotion Committee and organize labor-management communication meetings which are attended by the supervisors and employees representatives of the office or plant. They engage in bilateral discussions on the Company's operations and employees' opinions. The Employee Relationship Promotion Committee sets up a dedicated webpage and publishes the topics and records of each meeting on the Company's portal website within seven days. Changes in the Company's operations are published by relevant departments.

Wistron firmly believes that the respect for employees and their opinions encourages employees to provide constructive opinions and continuously inject positive growth into the Company and achieve common growth and profit sharing. Wistron will continue to increase the efficiency of all communication channels and ensure effective communication with 100% response rate.

Communication Channels for Offices and Plants across the World
Communication Channel Neihu Headquarters Xizhi Office Hsinchu Plant Kunshan Plant Kunshan Opt Plant Zhongshan Plant Taizhou Plant Chongqing Plant Chengdu Plant Mexico Plant Czechia Plant
Employee Relationship Promotion Committee
President's mailbox
Employee opinion mailbox
Employee complaint hotline
Employee seminars
Counselor on-site interview
WeChat platform - Wistron WeChat services
Company publications
  • Note: The mark "V" in the table indicates that the communication channel has been established.