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Open Communication Channels

Open Communication Channels

Open Communication Channels

Wistron respects the freedom and rights of employees to express their opinions. The needs and expectations of our employees on all aspects of the working environment are fully grasped by actively building open communication platforms in various plants around the world. Employees can provide suggestions, make requests, or ask questions relating to the Company in a confidential manner without fear of retaliation.

Wistron Values Internal Communication Channels and Heeds the Opinions of Employees

All offices and plants across the world have established the Employee Relationship Promotion Committee. The labor management communication meetings are held regularly. The members come from the top executives of each office and plant area and the representatives of employees of various departments to conduct two-way communication on the issues, such as the Company's operating conditions and employee opinions, etc. The Employee Relations Promotion Committee has also set up a dedicated website to publish the topics and minutes of each meeting within seven days which are available on the internal portal for our employees to check at any time. In addition, the relevant responsible units announce other types of changes in operating specifications and measures to let everyone know.

In 2022, Wistron hold a total of 20 on-site activities targeting the managers to directly communicate with the top management, such as the CEO. A total of 1,620 managers attended the meeting with an overall participation rate of 83.6%. The satisfaction of the participants with the event was as high as 94.3%. Most of the colleagues said that they can understand the Company's business strategy and direction more clearly from this kind of direct communication with the top management, and they look forward to holding it regularly.

Wistron encourages all internal colleagues and outsiders to report problems to the Company through the reporting channels, and it also accepts anonymous reports in order to implement the business philosophy of transparent communication. A total of 11 cases was accepted in 2022, and 4 cases thereof were related to ethical conduct and 7 were related to harassment. It was finally confirmed that there were 0 case related to ethical behavior and 3 cases related to harassment after investigation by the internal management unit. In addition, the violators of the cases filed have been disciplined.

Wistron firmly believes in the concept of respecting our employees, valuing their opinions, and encouraging our employees to put forward constructive opinions. In this way, we continue to inject positive growth forces into the enterprise in order to achieve common growth and sharing of business results. The operating efficiency of various communication channels will be continuously strengthened by Wistron to ensure the activation and the effectiveness of various communication mechanisms.

Communication Channels for Offices and Plants across the World
Communication Channels Neihu Headquarters/ Xizhi Office Hsinchu Plant Kunshan Plant Kunshan Opt Plant Zhongshan Plant Taizhou Plant Chongqing Plant Chengdu Plant Mexico Plant Czechia Plant Malaysia
Employee Relationship Promotion Committee
President's mailbox
Employee opinion mailbox
Employee complaint hotline
Employee seminars
Coach on-site interview
WeChat platform - Wistron WeChat services
Company publications
Strategy and operations communication
meeting - Manager level
  • Note: The mark "V" in the table indicates that the communication channel has been established.