Major internal policies

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Major internal policies

Major internal policies

Major internal policies

Articles of Incorporation

PDF . 180 kb

The Election Regulations of Directors

PDF . 67 kb

Rules and Procedures of Shareholders' Meeting

PDF . 135 kb

Rules and Procedures of Board of Directors Meeting

PDF . 324 kb

Audit Committee Charter

PDF . 329 kb

Compensation Committee Charter

PDF . 153 kb

Nominating Committee Charter

PDF . 124 kb

ESG Committee Charter

PDF . 118 kb

Procedures of Assets Acquisition and Disposal

PDF . 334 kb

Rules and Procedures of Derivative Transactions

PDF . 18 kb

Procedures Governing Endorsements and Guarantees

PDF . 237 kb

Procedures Governing Loaning of Funds

PDF . 231 kb

Procedures for Preventing Insider Trading

PDF . 50 kb

Corporate Governance Best Practice Principles

PDF . 226 kb

Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice Principles

PDF . 255 kb

Code of Conduct

PDF . 111 kb

Codes of Ethical Conduct

PDF . 232 kb

Sustainable Development Best Practice Principles

PDF . 150 kb

Rules for Board of Directors and Function Committee Performance Assessments

PDF . 233 kb

Risk Management Policy and Procedure

PDF . 172 kb