Emissions Abatement and Results

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Emissions Abatement and Results

Emissions Abatement and Results

Emissions Abatement and Results

Wistron uses "energy efficiency improvements" and "energy transformations" to implement reduction actions. To ensure the implementation of energy management and energy conservation projects, Wistron has set up the Energy Project Teams in all plants composed of units responsible for plant engineering affairs or related matters. They convene regular energy management meetings and review the current state of energy and project implementation progress in the plants. The plants also share information on the effectiveness and experience in each project with each other.

01 | Improvement of Energy Efficiency

Wistron's energy conservation efforts encompass six major categories including the air conditioning system, air compressor system, green lighting, management, production, and others. As of the end of 2022, the Company saved a total of 14,428,530 kWh of electricity, which reduced carbon emissions by 10,635.76 tons. If we use the carbon dioxide absorption volume of the Daan Forest Park in Taipei of 389 tons per year (calculation based on data from the Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs), the carbon reduction was equivalent to the annual CO2 absorption volume of 27 Daan Forest Parks.

02 | Energy Transition

Extreme weather has become t he new normal. Major internat ional companies have joined t he 100% renewable energy,RE100, initiative to support t he use of r enewable energy to reduce carbon emissions and slow down global warming. Wistron responded to international renewable energy trends by purchasing 267 million kWh of Renewable Energy Certificates in 2022 to actively increase the use of r enewable energy in plants ar ound the world, and of fset market-based greenhouse gas emissions. Apart fr om purchasing renewable energy certificates, Wistron is actively expanding solar power generat ion in operating locations around the world to ut ilize idle space. We continue to strengthen our partnerships wit h local renewable energy providers, in order to implement t he ideas of energy transformation and green manufacturing in our corporate operations. 

2022 Energy Conservation Results

Energy Conservation Type Main Implemented Project Annual Energy Savings (MWh) Annual Energy Savings (GJ) Annual Emission Reduction (tCO2e)
Air conditioning system Improvement of equipment efficiency (ice machines and water pumps were replaced with energy-efficient equipment) Introduction of intelligent frequency conversion (upgrade of intelligent control system) 3,470.66 12,494.36 2,559.89
Air compression system Replacement of old equipment (air compression equipment was replaced by centralized nitrogen supply) Introduction of intelligent group control (Introduction of intelligent group control system) 3,011.41 11,131.87 2,437.88
Green lighting Intelligent lighting system (introduction of more energysaving LED lamps) 2,110.19 7,596.68 983.75
Management Optimal integration of temperature control and idle space 1,658.25 5,969.72 1,307.51
Manufacturing Optimized production, improved production equipment efficiency, and introduced smart monitoring and management Introduction of smart reflow exhaust control system 800.05 2,880.18 655.69
Others Reduction of useless power consumption and expansion of solar power generation equipment 3,377.97 12,160.68 2,691.04
Subtotal 14,428.53 52,233.49 10,635.76
Purchased renewable energy certificates - - 209,860.11
Total - - 220,495.87