Emissions Abatement and Results

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Emissions Abatement and Results

Emissions Abatement and Results

Emissions Abatement and Results

Wistron uses energy efficiency improvements and energy transformations to implement reduction actions. Wistron's energy conservation efforts encompass six major categories including the air conditioning system, air compressor system, green lighting, management, production, and others. As of the end of 2021, the Company saved a total of 21,261,490 kWh of electricity, which reduced carbon emissions by 16,422.77 tons. If we use the carbon dioxide absorption volume of the Daan Forest Park in Taipei of 389 tons per year (calculation based on data from the Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs), the carbon reduction was equivalent to the annual CO2 absorption volume of 42 Daan Forest Parks, which represented a significant increase compared to the carbon reductions in the previous year.

2021 Energy Conservation Results

Energy Conservation Type Main Implemented Project Annual Energy Savings (MWh) Annual Energy Savings (GJ) Annual Emission Reduction (tCO2e)
Air conditioning system Improved equipment efficiency and introduced smart frequency conversion 5,930.46 21,349.64 4,546.86
Air compression system Replaced old equipment and introduced smart controls 4,661.20 16,780.31 3,727.63
Green lighting Smart lighting system 505.61 1,820.18 361.66
Management Temperature control 4,360.37 15,697.32 3,139.25
Manufacturing Optimized production, improved production equipment efficiency, and introduced smart monitoring and management 692.77 2,493.96 557.08
Others Installed solar power generation equipment 5,111.09 18,399.94 4,090.29
Subtotal 21,261.49 76,541.35 16,422.77
Purchased renewable energy certificates - - 162,576.84
Total - - 178,999.61