Employee Care and Benefits

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Employee Care and Benefits

Employee Care and Benefits

Employee Care and Benefits

We watch over the health of all employees through a diverse selection of health promotion and health management activities. We are also committed to improve employees' personal health in terms of lifestyles and actions.

Happy Work and Happy Life

Employees are the most important assets of the Company, therefore we aim to create a work environment of hope and vitality, hoping employees could not only live a balanced work-life but also a balanced personal life. For this purpose, the Company initiates care programs, aid systems, and company activities designed for employees to work and live happily. In addition to the care and assistance programs provided for employees and their families, all of our global sites also organize other activities as well; including monthly birthday parties, company trips, employee welfare activities, and orientation programs. We also provide various lectures and courses so that employees can engage in various life experiences outside of work.

Flexible Work Policies

Wistron has established flexible working hour policies in each region and different work tasks, to ensure that employees can balance work and life. For indirect employees, in the fixed working hours every day, the company provides a flexible working period of ​​half an hour before work and one hour after work; Czechia plant indirect employees can choose to work from 6:00 am to 7:30 pm every day with fix working hours 8:30-14:30 and have to fulfilled monthly working hours. For direct employees, the company provide shifts according to the job task, such as shift A from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm, and shift B from 8:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Employees have flexible work hours according to work tasks.

Part-time work (less working hours) is practiced at Wistron Czechia plant. Applicants or employees in need can choose to apply for part-time positions according to personal needs, such as child-rearing women, allowing them to care for their family while working.

Protecting Employee Health and Safety

The Company’s offices and plants around the world continue to be affected by the Covid-19 pandemic in 2021, Taiwan even faced a level 3 lockdown at one point; but through early diversion drills and simulations, Wistron was able to implement our work from home policy in May to effectively reduce social gathering risks. During this time not only were we able to maintain our work productivity through years of our digital transformation policy implementation, but employees were also about to care for their families while working.

Employee Health Management

Wistron occasionally organizes health promotion activities and has set up medical service rooms to provide employees with health consultation and assistance. In our Chongqing Plant and Chengdu Plant, we were able to set up the Emergency Green Channels to provide employees with general health consultation services. In 2021, the plants were able to provide emergency medical assistance to 56 employees.

Health Examination

A complete physical examination can detect potential illnesses early. The Company organizes specific health examinations for employees working at special posts (e.g., high-noise, dust, X-ray, etc.). All offices and plants in Taiwan offer health examinations for all employees each year while plants overseas actively provide health examination plans to encourage employees to learn about their health conditions through complete examination, protect themselves, and seek medical care whenever necessary.

After the health examination, medical staff at each office and plant will provide medical assistance and follow-up reminders for examinations for those with major irregularities found in their reports. Wistron also provides diverse professional consultations for those with health irregularities. Physician consultations are hosted in offices periodically to provide employees with a professional consultation channel. The Company actively manages and establishes plans for the education/training, guidance, prevention/risk monitoring, and medical assistance for personal health irregularities. All personal health service records and information of employees are only used as the basis for evaluating whether employees are provided with a safe workplace environment and not for any other purposes. The information is securely stored by the dedicated unit responsible for health management and is not disclosed to external parties.

Number of employees who received health examination in Taiwan (Including the Xizhi, Neihu, Longtan, Hsinchu, and Kaohsiung Offices)


Examination rate in Taiwan


Internal Healthcare Platform

Through the Company’s internal healthcare platform, the offices in Taiwan provide services for personal health, medical requirements, or personal improvement targets. Health management specialists regularly track progress, conduct telephone interviews, remind employees to seek medical services, and provide medication consultations; for employees with more severe illnesses, they also provide reminders for three-month or six-month follow-ups and provide arrangements for medical assistance and other medical supports.

Employee health promotion

iSports Activities

As all offices and plants across the world were affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021, most physical activities were either canceled or postponed. To ensure that employees maintain healthy exercise habits, the Company continued to organize different activities that encourage employees to create safe exercise routines that also ensure personal protection from the ongoing pandemic.

In 2021, the offices and plants in Taiwan held another “Healthy Walk” event after the success of 2020. We encouraged employees to walk 5000 steps every day and over the course of the year, a total of 6,718 people participated. Apart from helping employees focus on and develop personal exercise habits, the event also helped improve the health of our team members. Wistron used step counter apps and team competitions to encourage employees to develop the habit of exercising every day. Both Xizhi Office and Neihu Headquarters organized the iSports activities with large-scale contests organized by private sectors, providing bonuses for completing races and encouraging employees to continue to take part in various running events.

Employees participated in the 5,000-step Healthy Walk challenge.
Wistron encourages employees to challenge themselves by entering marathons to develop habits for running.

Group Fitness Activities

Wistron encourages employees to participate in team sports, which can improve the health of employees and the bond between team members. In compliance with the policies of the Central Epidemic Command Center, only after the level 3 lockdown was lifted, and indoor sports were allowed once more did Wistron begin organizing sporting events such as badminton, volleyball, softball, and table tennis, giving employees a chance to socialize through sports. We also encouraged employees to participate in sports clubs such as the cycling club, basketball club, badminton club, hiking club, jogging club, golf club, and softball club. We seek to use the power of small groups of sports lovers to create a trend of exercising and fitness within the Company.

Sporting events were organized according to epidemic prevention measures.

Diverse Themed Events and Lectures

Every quarter, Wistron arranges several lectures and events that cover a diverse range of topics and information, including health, diet, care, and social communication. Apart from inviting professional speakers to give lectures, courses are also recorded on the internal streaming platform, so that employees who were unable to participate can watch the entire lecture at their convenience. During the pandemic, Wistron also used social media and online events to allow employees working from home to participate.

Wistron’s lectures and courses provide diverse knowledge to our employees.
Online events were held during the pandemic.

COVID-19 Pandemic Prevention Awareness Campaigns and Policies

During the pandemic prevention period in 2021, Wistron used the internal reporting mechanism to track the health status of employees and established a hotline to provide consultation for employees. During the level 3 lockdown in Taiwan, employees were divided into rotating work from home groups to ensure employees can work in a safe environment and care for the needs of their families. To encourage vaccination, apart from providing vaccination leave, Wistron also monitors the health status of employees who received the vaccine in real-time through the health reporting mechanism.

We track employee health in real-time through the reporting system and power BI.

Childbirth Benefits and Childcare Resources

The Company organizes health seminars exclusively for women, and offices and plants in Taiwan also organize special examinations for female employees in the annual health examinations to provide better care. In addition, we also provide special care and consultation for pregnant employees. Offices and plants in Taiwan have set up the "Mother Support" website to compile personal healthcare information during pregnancies and provide the most appropriate care. All offices and plants across the world are equipped with breastfeeding rooms for Wistron mothers to continue to breastfeed their newborns after childbirth, and they have 60 min breastfeeding time per work day.

Childbirth Incentives

Wistron is committed to supporting employees during every stage of their lives and helping employees in attaining a healthy work and family life balance, and we have placed special emphasis on assisting employees with newborns. Employees in Taiwan enjoy a special bonus of NT$60,000 for each newborn and the Employee Welfare Committee also provides an additional NT$2,000 per newborn as childbirth subsidies. In 2021, 226 employees in Taiwan applied for the bonus for 233 children. The total amount of the bonuses given was NT$12,900,000. The Company has set up a dedicated "Expectant Mother Support" website and compiled information on government subsidies for childcare expenses, childcare institutions, and childcare service providers. We also prepare diverse gifts for expectant mothers and organize family-themed lectures from time to time, providing nursing and education-related information, which have received great feedback from employees. The company contracts with neighboring kindergartens to offer employee discounts.

Incentive Bonus provided for each child birth in Taiwan offices & plants


Parental Leave Application and Reinstatement Statistics

Paid maternity leave and paid parental leave are provided in all Wistron offices and plant around the world in accordance with local laws, and eligible employees can apply when necessary. In Taiwan, female employees are provided with 8 weeks of paid maternity leave before or after giving birth, and can apply for parental leave after giving birth, of which 6 months (about 24 weeks) with allowances and subsidies. In China, paid maternity leave and paid parental leave regulations vary by region. The total number of maternity paid leave and paid parental leave weeks in China is about 27 weeks in most region; in Czechia plant, it is 28 weeks; in Mexico plant, it is 12 weeks for mother.

In Taiwan, in addition to new mother as a primary caregiver, father as a non-primary caregiver who has served for 6 months in the company and before his child turns age three can also apply for parental leave. Leave can be used for maximum of 2 years, and allowances and subsidies are equivalent to the primary caregiver. In China, paid parental leave for non-primary caregivers vary by region. The number of paid parental leave weeks is about 4 weeks; in Czechia plant, Father Leave for husbands takes up to 2 weeks; in Mexico plant, it is 5 days paid leave for father.

In Taiwan, employees are proactively asked about their willingness for reinstatement 45 days before the expiry of their leave. With their high awareness of gender equality, a total of 40 employees applied for parental leave in Taiwan in 2021, with 11 applications filed by male employees, and 26 applications at the Czechia Plant.

Parental Leave Application Statistics in 2021
Employees on Parental Leave in 2021 Taiwan Czechia
Male Female Male Female
Number of employees qualified for parental leave applications in 2021 515 208 0 26
Number of parental leave application in 2021 11 29 0 26
Expected number of employees reinstated in 2021(a) 11 47 0 2
Actual number of employees reinstated in 2021(b) 4 33 0 2
Reinstatement rate in 2021:(b)/(a) 36% 70% - 100%
Actual number of employees reinstated from parental leave in 2020 (c) 4 19 0 6
Actual number of employees reinstated from parental leave in 2020 and have worked continuously for at least one year (d) 2 18 0 4
2020 retention rate:(d)/(c) 50% 95% 100% 67%

All offices and plants across the world are equipped with breastfeeding rooms for Wistron mothers to continue to breastfeed their newborns after childbirth.

Family Care Resources

Wistron has established different flexible care leave in different countries according to local customs and laws regulations. Employees can take leave to reduce the burden of care while family members or relatives who are sick or have accidents.

In Taiwan, Wistron provides full-time employees with 7 days of paid leave every year. Employees can take leave according to their needs for family care when necessary, and do not need to provide any relevant certificates, which allow them to take care family in need in emergency; in China, if employees are the only child of the family, and their parents are 60 years old and sick or hospitalized, they can apply for 5 days of paid nursing leave.