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Compensation Committee

Compensation Committee

Compensation Committee


With the understanding that the compensation system for the directors and management is a key link between the Company and risk management, in 2011, Wistron's Board of Directors made a resolution to set up the compensation Committee and the Compensation Committee Charter. The Compensation Committee shall exercise the care of a good administrator in faithfully performing the official powers listed below, and shall submit its recommendations for deliberation by the Board of Directors:

  1. Prescribe and periodically review the performance review and compensation policy, system, standards, and structure for directors and managerial officers.
  2. Periodically evaluate and prescribe the compensation of directors an managerial officers.

Compensation Committee Charter


Compensation Committee Charter

PDF . 158 kb

Compensation Committee meetings attendance


Number of The Compensation Committee meetings held since July 20, 2021 till now : 8 times

Title Name Attendance in Person By Proxy Attendance rate in Person
Convener S. J. Paul Chien 8 0 100%
Member Pei-pei Yu 8 0 100%
Member Sam Lee 7 1 88%

Compensation Committee meeting resolutions


2021 Compensation Committee meeting resolutions

PDF . 90 kb