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Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Board of Directors


According to Articles of Incorporation, the Company has Board of Directors consisting of seven to nine directors who will be elected by the shareholders' meeting from the director candidate list via the candidate nomination system. Each director will serve an office term of three years and may be re-elected.

The Board of Directors of the Company currently has nine directors including five independent directors. The Chairman who is elected by the Board of Directors shall internally preside the meeting of the Board of Directors and shall externally represent the Company.

Pursuant to Article 14-4 of the Securities and Exchange Act, the Board of Directors of the Company establish an Audit Committee and Compensation Committee to improve oversight responsibilities and strengthen management mechanism.


Members of Board of Directors


The terms of service of 9th Board of Directors from July 20, 2021 to July 19, 2024. The average tenure of board members was 8.44 years.

Diversity policy of Board of Director members


Wistron has set the diversity policy of the board of directors in the Article 20 of “Corporate Governance Best Practice Principles”.The composition of the board of directors shall be determined by taking diversity into consideration. It is advisable that directors concurrently serving as the Company's managers should not exceed one-third of the total number of the board members, and that an appropriate policy on diversity based on the company's business operations, operating dynamics, and development needs be formulated and include, without being limited to, the following two general standards:

  1. Basic requirements and values: Gender, age, nationality, race or ethnicity and culture.
  2. Professional knowledge and skills: A professional background (e.g., law, accounting, industry, finance, marketing, technology), professional skills, and industry experience.

The management goals stated in Wistron's diversity policy of Board of Director members and the implementation status of these goals are listed below:

Management Goals Implementation Status
Independent Directors exceeding one-half of the total director seats Achieved
Number of Directors who concurrently serve as Company managers do not exceed one-third of the total director seats Achieved
At least one seats of directors is female Achieved

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