Sustainable Supply Chain

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Sustainable Supply Chain

Sustainable Supply Chain

Moving Towards a Sustainable Supply Chain


In order to improve the sustainable resilience of the supply chain, we work closely with suppliers to create sustainable and mutually beneficial industry chains. On the basis of principle, suppliers are very important partners of Wistron. We will also work with suppliers to continue strengthening the sustainable supply chains and create more resilient and influential supply chains. Wistron is dedicated to the promotion of sustainable supply chains. In 2010, we became a member of the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA)to substantial support the vision and goals of RBA. We aim to ensure that the work environment for labor in the supply chain are safe and secure, and the employees must be worthy of being respected. Wistron also ensures that our operations and activities comply with environmental protection regulations and ethical business practices.

Wistron is a leading company in the global ICT (Information and Communications Technology) industry. The upstream and midstream of the entire industry chain consists of component suppliers, while the downstream consists of various customer groups. We vertically integrate the industry chain through customer needs and are dedicated to providing competitive products.

Wistron industrial chain