Diverse career development environment

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Diverse career development environment

Diverse career development environment

Global Talent Development Policy

To lead our global employees and organizations towards the next milestone, Wistron has implemented a strategic approach of global expansion and digital transformation. In 2022, we have consistently conducted training programs for key talents in "Digital Capabilities" and "Management Capabilities". Additionally, we have accelerated the promotion of "Global Capabilities" and "Sustainable Capabilities" to overcome barriers. Through a unified global talent development direction, we are committed to enabling our employees worldwide to grow with the organization and create sustainable career competitiveness. Wistron has established 4 major training programs with more than 12 themed courses. Apart from deepening the professional training and development of various employees, the courses also provide learning resources for cross-field information, expand the scope of personal development for employees, and drive the flow of organization talent.

4  Major training programs

More than 12  themed courses

Under a globally consistent talent development strategy, the implementation of the global learning platform, Cornerstone, was initiated in 2021. As of 2022, 17 global facilities have completed the implementation and are actively using the platform, achieving a coverage rate of 81%. This accomplishment enables the sharing and synchronization of learning resources, while providing a flexible learning environment for global employees, unconstrained by location, time and space. 

In 2022, Wistron invested a total of NT$135.44 million in training worldwide. This represents a reduction of NT$38.58 million compared to the training expenditure in 2021. The decrease in cost is attributed to the shift to internal trainers delivering training to key digital talents and the utilization of internal senior executives and experts to teach the sustainability vision and strategy. The total training hours for employees worldwide amounted to 3,104,305 hours, with an average of 65.5 hours per employee. Among them, female employees received a total of 1,013,820 trainings hours with an average of 58.6 hours, and the male employees received a total of 2,090,485 training hours with an average of 69.4 hours. Manufacturing technology related employees received 2,708,359 training hours in total with 96 average training hours. Non-manufacturing technology related employees received 395,946 training hours in total with 20.6 average training hours. Managerial employees received 75,265 training hours in total with 22.7 average training hours. Non-managerial employees received 3,029,040 training hours in total with 68.7 average training hours.

Total employee training expenses

NT$ 135million

Average employee training cost

NT$ 2,857

Total employee training hours

3.1million hours

Average employee training hours


Average learning satisfaction


Total Training Hours Worldwide
Employee type Female employees Male employees
Nationality Total training hours Average training hours Total training hours Average training hours
Taiwan 66,843 15.0 118,559 17.0
China 883,485 84.2 1,902,194 92.3
Mexico 49,491 43.7 51,127 36.6
Czechia 5,767 16.6 5,474 20.4
Malaysia 8,234 9.5 13,131 14.8
Global data 1,013,820 58.6 2,090,485 69.4

Training hours by category
Employee type (Managers/Non-Managers)
Job type (Manufacturing Technology Related/Non-Manufacturing)
Employee type Management Non-managerial positions
Nationality Total training hours Average training hours Total training hours Average training hours
Taiwan 29,848 21.8 155,553 15.5
China 38,902 22.8 2,746,777 93.5
Mexico 3,201 28.3 97,418 40.3
Czechia 587 14.7 10,655 18.5
Malaysia 2,727 30.3 18,638 11.2
Global data 75,265 22.7 3,029,040 68.7
Employee type Manufacturing technology related Non-manufacturing technology related
Nationality Total training hours Average training hours Total training hours Average training hours
Taiwan 27,262 11.7 158,140 17.4
China 2,571,252 116.0 214,427 24.0
Mexico 89,353 43.1 11,266 24.7
Czechia 7,211 16.7 4,030 22.1
Malaysia 13,281 11.0 8,084 14.8
Global data 2,708,359 96.0 395,946 20.6
  • Note1: Average training hours per employee = total number of training hours provided to employees/total number of employees
  • Note2: Data calculation period: January 1 to December 31, 2022
  • Note3: Total training hours and average training hours excluding WYMX

Training expenses from 2019 to 2022
2019 2020 2021 2022
Total employee training expenses NT$236 million NT$345 million NT$174 million NT$135 million
Average employee training cost NT$3,582 NT$4,931 NT$2,769 NT$2,857
Total employee training hours Direct 3.62 million hours 3.28 million hours 4.07 million hours 2.70 million hours
Indirect 0.71 million hours 0.50 million hours 0.43 million hours 0.40 million hours
Total 4.33 million hours 3.78 million hours 4.5 million hours 3.1 million hours
Average employee training hours Direct 79 hours 70 hours 92 hours 96 hours
Indirect 29 hours 21 hours 23 hours 21 hours
Average 66 hours 54 hours 72 hours 66 hours
  • Note: Training Expenses currency (NTD)