[Investment innovations] Selected as one the Top 100 Global Innovators institutions, realizing our innovative and sustainable vision

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[Investment innovations] Selected as one the Top 100 Global Innovators institutions, realizing our innovative and sustainable vision

Special Report on Sustainability

Wistron was included in the Top 100 Global Innovators by Clarivate in 2022. This award represents Wistron’s efforts in innovation. In the past few years, Wistron continued to expand our investments in the development of cutting edge technologies. Our patents covered technological fields from healthcare, metaverse, AI, industry 4.0, autonomous and electric vehicles, and other emerging technologies. Furthermore, Wistron encourages innovation in its corporate culture through research and development team competitions, goal oriented brainstorming projects, invention proposal reviews, and big data analyses of patents. We aim to cultivate internal and external research and development teams and technologies, using innovation to lead to other innovations.

With forward thinking strategic investments totaling NT$10 billion, we are searching for innovative opportunities for the next 10 years

In order to rapid paradigm shift from past ODM thinking, we have adopted new services as the theme of our strategic developments. Wistron is focusing on the applications of 5G, AI, and IoT through the development of innovative technologies, diversified products, and investing in startup teams. We will accelerate the growth of startups together. Wistron’s strategic investments in recent years have totaled over NT$10 billion, with 50 to 60 investment targets or long-term management targets. Wistron is searching for investment opportunities in early-stage startups through the Corporate Venture Capital Office, in order to effectively integrate the startup teams with Wistron. These partnerships will lead Wistron’s long-term strategic developments in the future. Together with the startup Intelligent Integration Center and Value Creation Center, we are providing the startups with products, technical solutions, and business expansion assistance. By utilizing Wistron’s more than 20 years of management experience in professional designs and manufacturing, we are helping startups through the development process for concept productization, allowing them to successfully introduce their products in the market and realizing the value of “innovation by incubation”.