[Low carbon transformations] The world-leading smart green factory was selected as a “Lighthouse” of the World Economic Forum (WEF)

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[Low carbon transformations] The world-leading smart green factory was selected as a “Lighthouse” of the World Economic Forum (WEF)

Special Report on Sustainability

Since 2018, the World Economic Forum (WEF) and McKinsey & Company have tracked advanced manufacturing plants which successfully implemented digital transformations around the world. 15 plans were selected from more than 1000 international factories as leaders in advanced manufacturing. As a leader in the electronics manufacturing industry, Wistron has implemented many digital transformations in smart manufacturing over the past few years. We were selected as a Lighthouse in March 2021. Wistron’s digital transformations and developments included customer orders, product design, manufacturing, testing, logistics, and payment processes. The transformations, based on the cloud platform, big data, and IoT, made great contributions to employee performance, asset management, logistics management, raw material quality, and sustainable developments. Manufacturing costs have been reduced by 24% and energy consumption has been reduced by 44%, realizing the vision to implement sustainable developments through smart technologies. Mr. Simon Lin, Chairman of Wistron, stated, “Digitization has realized “smart” production and sustainable management in our factories. It is our responsibility but also our competitive advantage.”

Wistron has successfully introduced digital technologies and applications in every part of our value chain, in order to effectively reduce energy consumption, improve production efficiency, and expand production scale. Wistron Smart Technology Co., Ltd. was established to copy and expand our “Lighthouse” experience. The company is committed to integrating the technical services and resources of the digital industry chain. We provide excellent, well rounded digital smart solutions, assisting more than 300 companies with their smart transformations. We establish digitized and smart maintenance and management platforms and systems by upholding the ideals of “innovation, empowerment, service, and winning together”. Wistron has created a digital ecosystem chain and promoted digitized economic developments, becoming the benchmark for world class green and smart manufacturing.