Wistron won three awards in the Digital Transformation "Dingge Awards"

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Wistron won three awards in the Digital Transformation "Dingge Awards"

In 2022, Wistron participated for the first time in the Digital Transformation "Dingge Awards" (co-hosted by Global Traditional Chinese Edition of Harvard Business Review and SAP) and earned three awards. In addition to winning the ESG Special Award, Wistron also attained first prize in the large company category for both the the Excellent Operation Transformation Award and the Smart Manufacturing Transformation Award.

Wistron activated the digital transformation for factory automation in 2014. To accelerate the Company's full digital transformation, Wistron established the digital transformation strategy blue print in 2019 with three main strategies, namely cultivation of digital talents, digital culture formulation, and empowerment of digital work for employees. While most transformations in the manufacturing industry aim to improve manufacturing processes and internal operational efficiency, Wistron’s unique R360 R&D Digital Transformation project focuses specifically on the R&D field for ODM/OEM business area. The project integrated the resources of the R&D team and developed a fully intelligent digital collaboration platform with the core of cost master, auto design and auto test, which significantly improved the efficiency of R&D and product quality, and won the Excellent Operation Transformation Award.

Wistron Zhongshan plant won the first prize for both the Smart Manufacturing Transformation Award and the ESG Special Award related to its project regarding innovative smart manufacturing with virtual and real integration to drive decision making. This project uses the AVATAR smart supply chain platform and the WiGPS manufacturing digital operation virtual reality integration platform, combined with autonomous and production dynamic simulation, to enhance planning and manufacturing flexibility. The main focus is to implement the concept of sustainable management, which is presented by three aspects of ESG:

1.    Environment aspect: Create multiple digital systems such as IIoT energy efficiency AI prediction management, renewable energy management and control platform, and smart waste management platform, which can effectively reduce the comprehensive energy consumption of the plant by 11%, increase the annual use of green electricity by 5.5 million kWh, and reduce waste by 1,398 tons. Since 2020, 32 digital transformation projects in the Smart Park have been launched, investing more than NTD 300 million (total subsidies and investments). A total of 54,000 tons of carbon reduction has been achieved, which is equivalent to the carbon dioxide absorption of 139 Daan Forest Park. In addition, artificial intelligence is also applied to air conditioning and air compressors, enabling the Zhongshan plant to improve electricity efficiency, achieving an annual electricity saving of 7%, saving more than 12 million in costs. This is a step towards achieving carbon neutrality by 2030 through creating sustainable products or services that take into account environmental ecological and resource efficiency.

2.    Social aspect: Uphold the core value of a people-oriented and promote the business philosophy of sustainable altruism. In order to promote the improvement of scientific and technological literacy and humanistic public welfare, a digital talent platform and a highly automated system were built to provide comprehensive supporting services, improve labor conditions, reduce the burden on employees, and adopt a diversified talent training model to drive employees and the company to grow together.

3.    Governance aspect: The ESG Committee was established and conducted management tracking and improvement according to 18 topics and 41 KPI indicators. The Zhongshan plant established a systematic platform to control the relevant processes or product compliance of suppliers and to comply with the regulations of the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA), and set up an internal RBA review platform to conduct quarterly assessments to ensure that the operational process is in compliance with environmental and ethical requirements.

Moving forward, Wistron will continue to realize the corporate vision of "Sustainability through Innovation" by promoting digital transformation and sustainable development in parallel, from manufacturing, research and development, supply chain management, business development to talent cultivation and other fields.