【Decarbonization】Establishment of a Dedicated Decarbonization Organization and Implementation of the Three Major Actions of Net Zero and Carbon Reduction

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【Decarbonization】Establishment of a Dedicated Decarbonization Organization and Implementation of the Three Major Actions of Net Zero and Carbon Reduction

Special Report on Sustainability
The Decarbonization Pillar ( "Decarb. Pillar" for short) was established in 2022 to strengthen and promote carbon reduction strategies to achieve Wistron's 2030 carbon neutrality vision. It is compliant with the policies of international initiatives and is in line with the goal of carbon neutrality. As a result, Wistron is expected to be a pioneer in decarbonization. Decarb. Pillar holds regular review meetings to review the overall carbon reduction performance. The Decarb. Pillar serves as a framework for Wistron's comprehensive approach to carbon reduction and sustainability. It demonstrates the company's dedication to incorporating environmentally friendly practices and contributing to a more sustainable future.

Enhancement of Renewable Energy Ratio


Solar power systems with an installation capacity of 7.37MW are planned to be newly built in 2023. The main planned plants include the Mexico, Chongqing, and the Czech. The company plans to continue expanding the solar power installation scope, with a projected total capacity of 24.23MW.

Meanwhile, the opportunities for direct supply of green electricity in the area where the plants are located have been actively investigated. It is planned to sign a PPA renewable energy with the legal power plants in 2023 with the expectation that green electricity will account for 9.6%.


Promotion of Energy-saving Technical Transformation

Continuously promoting energy-saving technological and improving energy efficiency is the key principle for reduce energy consumption. The carbon reduction actions are carried out by the Decarb. Pillar. Equipment energy efficiency monitoring and big data simulation are carried out through IIOT, 5G and other Internet of Things technologies to establish the management systems of water, electricity, gas, and energy in order to realize closed-loop intelligent regulation.

Smart technology is applied to introduce energy saving and facility management. Energy-saving measures are promoted in the air compressor, air conditioning, production, and management of the manufacturing plants. Also, energy saving data is reviewed on a rolling basis and energy saving potentials are tracked. Moreover, energy usage is managed and analyzed through Wistron-developed systems.


Carbon Regulations Risk Impact Assessment


In 2023, Decarb. Pillar will conduct a carbon regulatory risk assessment for the manufacturing region and initiate internal research on carbon pricing mechanisms. They aim to understand internal carbon pricing methodologies and mechanisms, evaluate the benefits through carbon regulatory risk and internal carbon goal assessments. This will enable them to develop and implement effective strategies to address carbon regulatory risks and projects, ensuring that all employees are engaged in addressing carbon-related issues in corporate activities.

Carbon emissions are converted from intangible costs to valuable costs that affect the Company's operations. Therefore, the financial impact of carbon risk is fully grasped as a management tool for future low-carbon investment.

In response to the Paris Agreement's goal of limiting global warming to 1.5°C, Wistron has established a decarbonization pathway based on the "Science-Based Targets" (SBT) to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030. We are actively assisting our supply chain partners in setting Science-Based Targets to drive the entire value chain towards net-zero emissions.
We sincerely welcome all stakeholders to collaborate with us on this journey towards a more sustainable future!
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