【People with Purpose】Communicating the Corporate Vision to Nearly 30,000 Employees Worldwide, Fostering the Commitment of Sustainability through Innovation

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【People with Purpose】Communicating the Corporate Vision to Nearly 30,000 Employees Worldwide, Fostering the Commitment of Sustainability through Innovation

Special Report on Sustainability
In the face of turbulent external environment and generational changes in values, the meaning of work has evolved into a diverse and rich connotation. In order to effectively attract and retain talents, the Company must face up to this issue and actively create a sense of meaning in work. This sense of meaning includes the meaning of the existence of the organization to our employees, and the meaning of work itself to our employees.

In order to promote the accomplishment of the goal of "People with purpose", Wistron sets short-, medium-, and long-term goals, respectively, and initiates relevant projects. These include the enhancement of the organization's transparent communication (Transparency & connectivity), the establishment of an innovation culture (Innovation), the enhancement of our employees' sense of achievement (Sense of achievement), and the creation of a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment (Diversity, equity & inclusion). The main activity goal in 2022 focused on strengthening the organization's "transparent communication". To achieve this goal, we carry out the following activities from the headquarters in Taiwan to 26 operations around the world:


Vision, Mission, and Core Values

Our global employees are immersed in the atmosphere of the Company's vision and core values through the visual design of each contact point in 26 operations around the world, including boot screens, video walls, posters, etc., with a total of 6 language versions and 33 visual designs for publicity in 2022. In addition, the chairman was invited to speak on the "Simon's Talk" to explain the purpose of reshaping the vision, mission and core values as well as the behaviors expected to be performed. After the release of the chairman's video, a total of 23,959 IDL employees around the world have completed the training with a training completion rate of 100%.


Town Hall for Senior Executives

Since 2022, global communication events have been held. The topics include business strategy, digitization, innovation, talent, etc. The organizers collected the topics of concern from colleagues in advance and provided opportunities for questions and responses during the event, ensuring the creation of a communicative atmosphere and the achievement of event objectives. This further fosters a sense of "One Team, One Goal" team consciousness within the company.. A total of 4 executive sharing communication activities both locally and overseas was held in 2022 with 764 participants and an overall satisfaction rate of 94%. A total of 16 town hall communication events were held domestically and internationally, with 856 participants. The overall satisfaction rate was 94.5%.


Performance Results of Transparent Communication

2021 2022 Performance Item
68.0% 73.5% WT MFG
employee engagement
73.0% 74.1% WSD
employee engagement
16.1% 14.2% Voluntary turnover rate of
indirect labor