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Privacy Protection

Privacy Protection

Privacy Protection

Wistron is committed to ensuring the confidentiality of customer information and upholding the principle of good faith for customer privacy rights. In order to implement personal data protection and management, Wistron refers to the local regulations of the operational locations and relevant requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to establish Privacy policy. The Policy is the highest governing principle for privacy protection and covers all employees, suppliers, contractors, and external consultants of Wistron, and its subsidiaries and joint venture companies which Wistron has significant influence power on them. The Policy contains clear regulations and requirements for personal data usage and protection. We require all members and partners to comply with the Policy, in order to effectively protect personal data and rights and interests.

Ensuring the confidentiality of customer information and upholding the principle of good faith

At Wistron, the Audit Department proactively conducts Internal control system every six months in accordance with company policies. The scope of this audit activity includes the collection, processing, and transfer of personal data to ensure compliance with local regulations and internal codes of conduct.

We have established privacy appeal channels. If incidents that may damage privacy or violate the Policy occur, the incidents may be reported through the privacy protection hotline, (02)6616-9999 ext. 25740 or the email address, In order to implement privacy protection, we periodically conduct privacy protection trainings for all employees and review the effectiveness of the training. Wistron adopts a zero tolerance policy for privacy protection. If any personnel violates the Policy, the discipline will be determined according to the Company’s code of conduct.

Wistron absolutely complies with the Policy for customer information and will not use customer information for secondary purposes. Therefore, the percentage of using customer information for secondary purposes is 0%. From 2019 to 2022, no complaints related to privacy from external organizations or the competent authority were received.

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