Nature and Biodiversity

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Nature and Biodiversity

Nature and Biodiversity

Nature and Biodiversity


In recent years, most stakeholders have focused on issues associate d with climate-related risks, while "Biodiversity Loss" has gradually become one of t he most impactful and influential topics of interest. None of W istron's global manufacturing sites and of fice areas are located in envir onmentally protected, biologically rich and d iverse areas, or restored habitats. There is no natural for est land such as rar e plants, or tr ees within the boundaries of the company's sites. Ther e are also no endanger ed species listed in the Red List of Thr eatened Species of the International Union for Conservat ion of Nature (IUCN) and Nat ional Conservation List. Meanwhile, we conduct envir onmental impact assessments in accor dance with local environmental protection regulations to avoid damaging biod iversity conservation from our operating activities. The eco-friendly technologies are adopted to act ively reduce pollution as we strictly abide by envir onmental protection regulations, and the inspection measures are taken on a yearly basis to ensur e that wastewater, waste gas, waste d isposal, and noise emissions comply wit h regulatory requirements. In Taiwan, we continue to carry out pr ojects related to the protection of the natural ecosystem t hrough Wistron Foundation.

Wistron promises to undertake t he responsibility of mitigating the impact on t he overall ecological environment. Therefore, we promote nature and biodiversity conservation and no-deforestation plans through continuous improvement of our activities, products and services. For t his reason, starting from inside the company, we strongly advocate the elimination of deforestation in the value chain and al l manufacturing sites. Add itionally, we map out t he steps starting with avoidance, minimalization, restoration and Biodiversity offsets, and then introduce Nature-based Solutions (NbS) to eventual ly reach the common goals of No Net Loss and Net Posit ive Impact.

We hope to respond more actively to the Global Goal for Natur e, and keep abreast of the subsequent development of t he biodiversity-related issues. Therefore, through a series of engagements and informat ion exchange with domestic industries, official academics, and research units, we cont inue to pay at tention to the ecological environment, respect the ecological balance, and pr otect endangered species. At t he ESG Committee meeting in December 2022, Wistron proposed to participate in the "Taiwan Nature Positive Initiative" launched by BCSD-Taiwan (Business Council for Sustainable Development). It is exp ected to introduce the international organizations' tools and resources provided by WBCSD (World Business Council for Sustainable Development) to examine t he status quo of t he Company’s ability to respond to issues regarding nature. We plan to construct a set of evaluat ion methods and indicators measuring the degree of dependency and impact on natur e as well as biodiversity conservation in 2023. In this regard, it will facilitate the formulation of our work goals in t he field of biod iversity and thus eventually contribute to Nature Positive in 2050.

Assessment of Nature and Biodiversity

Using the Biodiversity Risk Filter (BRF) tool and database developed by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), an assessment of biodiversity-related risks for Wistron's operational sites and activities was conducted, with the reference year being 2022. The assessment covers both physical and reputational risks.