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Product Quality

Product Quality

Product Quality

Wistron has adopted "zero-defect" as a long-term quality management target. In order to completely implement the quality policy of “delivering competitive products and services with zero faults to our customers on time”, we introduced the ISO quality management system, followed quality management processes and policies, and adopted a comprehensive IT systems and management procedures to promote the monitoring, assessment, analysis, and continuous improvements of quality related indicators. We comprehensively implement circular PDCA to prevent deficient quality.

We have established the “Quality and Hazardous Substance Management Systems Committee”, which is chaired by the President of the Company. The various business units appointed committee members to implement the quality and hazardous substance management requirements to the various units under it. In 2021, Wistron did not recall any products.

Quality and Hazardous Substance Management Systems Committee

In order to comply with the customer quality requirements, we formulated different development checklists and quality goals for the design and manufacturing stages based on the quality management system. We conduct management to maintain product quality during development, design, and manufacturing and satisfy the quality requirements of all customers.

Product design/production management procedures