Product Design and Development

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Product Design and Development

Product Design and Development

Product Design and Development


Wistron has developed strong R&D and technological innovation capabilities and powered its growth and development with a diverse product portfolio in recent years. These developments have allowed the Company to expand its product portfolio, including portable computer products, desktop computer systems, servers and network storage devices, display products, communication products, and after-sales maintenance services, and to expand its businesses to cloud, vertical integration of display products, and green resources involving scrapped electronic products and renewable resources businesses to become a leading technology service provider (TSP).

We have established a quality management system and policy to ensure product quality. We use enhanced IT system management procedures to implement top-down monitoring, assessment, analysis, and continuous improvements of quality-related indicators and incorporate the Plan-Do-Check-Act management cycle into day-to-day operations and management. The end to end comprehensive services include early stage designs and development to after-sales services after mass production. The services help customers clearly and comprehensively understand the design and manufacturing processes.

Investments in innovative developments
2019 2020 2021 2022
Funds invested in R&D (NT$ hundred million) 162 190 208 250
R&D funding as percentage of revenue (%) 1.84 2.25 2.41 2.54
R&D personnel (number of people) 4,556 4,896 5,350 6,330
Percentage of R&D personnel per total employees (%) 6.5% 7% 8.5% 13.4%

Wistron Invention Reward Regulation


In order to maintain the competitive edge in innovative technologies, Wistron encourages our employees to continuously improve their engineering capabilities and develop new technologies. The company has stipulated the “Wistron Invention Reward Regulation” to encourage our employees to boldly innovate. The regulation provides incentives in the invention disclosure, patent application, patent grant, and technology licensing stages. Annual Patent Award Ceremony is held to encourage employees to continue researching and innovating. Wistron will continue to utilize our innovative energy and increase our R&D competitiveness.

Accumulative Number of Patent Applications and Granted Patents


Wistron continues to devote itself to R&D and innovation in having new patents. In 2022, in addition to continuing to focus on the quality of patents, we have also increased the number of applications for patents directly related to the company's R&D direction or business development of new technologies, new products and new businesses. In particular, we have established and accumulated a robust global patent portfolio in the fields of 5G+AI smart applications, smart healthcare, in-vehicle information and communication systems, and cloud technology services. In order to implement Wistron’s Green Product Policy, we also included the ideas of green innovation in the development of our products. Among the patents granted in 2022, green product patents with environmentally friendly designs accounted for 34 patents. Green product patents increase the added value of products, protect the environment with innovative technologies, and create a better life for the entire society.

Patent Award
2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Number of patent award winners 320 248 246 237 248
Number of patent applications 495 532 429 386 608
Number of granted patents 446 440 459 401 414
  • Note: Wistron was named one of the Top 100 Global Innovators™ by Clarivate in 2023

Number of patents granted in different countries and the ratio in 2022