Climate Governance Structure

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Climate Governance Structure

Climate Governance Structure

Climate Governance Structure

Wistron followed the framework recommended by the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) to identify climate risks and opportunities and used it to create measurement indicators and targets for management. In 2020, Wistron officially becomes a TCFD supporter, following the international trend to continue to actively move towards the goal of low carbon transformation by improving the quality of climate risk related disclosures.

To strengthen climate governance, Wistron has named the Board of Directors as the highest supervising unit for climate issues. The Board is responsible for coordinating the overall climate strategy and supervising senior managers in the implementation of climate related risk management and key performance indicators. As a functional committee that reports directly to the Board of Directors, the ESG Committee consists of a risk management team with the CFO acting as the convener. The members consists of supervisors and representatives of each department and business unit. Each year, the risk management team formulates response and adjustment strategies through the comprehensive evaluation and analysis of various risks related to climate. The team produces the corporate risk management report and submits it to the ESG Committee to ensure that climate issues are included in the thinking of senior management and receive proper review and management.