【Sustainable Supply Base】Accelerated Realization of Net Zero Emission Goals through Digital Transformation to Optimize Sustainable Supply Chains

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【Sustainable Supply Base】Accelerated Realization of Net Zero Emission Goals through Digital Transformation to Optimize Sustainable Supply Chains

Special Report on Sustainability
One of the primary priorities of Wistron's sustainable development strategy is to lay out a sustainable supply chain. We comprehensively promote the sustainable improvement of the supply chain with three strategies, "Implementation of corporate responsibility", "Compliance with international standards" and "Moving Towards Sustainable Environment". Meanwhile, digital management systems and knowledge sharing platforms are built to create innovative and sustainable value. They are provided to supply chain managers for data collection and analysis, supplier information transparency and feedback channels in order to optimize the supplier management platform.


1Implementation of Corporate Responsibility

Every supplier is required to comply with the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) guidelines. The goal is to fully complete the signing of 4-in-1 documents, including statement of non-use of environmentally hazardous substances, RBA statement of code of conduct for responsible business alliances, statement of non-use of conflict minerals, and letter of integrity policy. In this way, the legitimacy of the source of raw materials is ensured to lay the foundation for sustainable development.


2 Compliance with
International Standards

The supply chain is promoted to introduce the ISO50001 energy management system to ensure that our suppliers operate with energy in a more efficient way. Energy efficiency is improved by establishing standard processes, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, we continue to implement ISO14064-1 greenhouse gas emission verification. The data verification results are transparent and credible through inspection units that
provide a third-party notarization.


3 Moving Towards
Sustainable Environment

Wistron prioritizes the inventory of carbon emissions from supplier with high carbon emission in response to the CDP and Science based target (SBT) of international initiatives. We promote the project of Scope 3 carbon reduction in upstream, and the inventory results are used as the SBTi reduction benchmark to set our suppliers' carbon reduction targets in the future.

Three Major Actions of Sustainable Supply Chain
Aspects Topics Goals Actions Performance
Supplier Management System Establishment of suppliers' data management platform
  • Automatic data collection, analysis and evaluation of indicator questionnaire
  • Automatically send, start and execute audits
  • Inventory and gap analysis of the current situation of data governance indicators
  • Definition of data traceability and data governance
  • Design, development, testing, and launch of the system
  • The platform has been officially launched in November 2022
  • It currently covers a total of 43 data governance indicators, with a coverage rate of 47%
  • The system sends it regularly, and the achievement rate of sustainable performance indicators is 100%
Suppliers' Knowledge Sharing Establishment of suppliers' digital learning platform
  • Perpetual information and knowledge are delivered in real time
  • The connection and interaction with suppliers is enhanced
  • Improvement of supplier quality and skills
  • Survey of user needs and collection of syllabus
  • Design, development, and testing of the system
  • Notice and registration as system launched
  • The platform has been officially launched in September 2022
  • A total of 30 lessons of the six major aspects are offered
  • A total of 1,071 suppliers have registered, and the user satisfaction rate is 96.8%
Promotion of Sustainable Supply Chain Carbon Reduction and Net Zero Implementation of suppliers' carbon reduction projects
  • Cooperate with Wistron SBTi Scope 3 Carbon Reduction
  • Construction of green sustainable supply chain
  • Promotion to pass ISO14064-1
  • Set a supplier's target to reduce carbon emissions by 2.5% per year.
  • Carbon reduction projects jointly formulated and implemented with our suppliers
  • Tracking of our suppliers' carbon reduction performance
  • A total of 27 suppliers completed the inventory of carbon emission data of high carbon emission suppliers
  • 100% completion rate of reduction projects for suppliers with high carbon emissions
  • The completion rate of suppliers' actual carbon reduction performance is 88.8%
  • Promotion of suppliers ISO14064-1 greenhouse gas inspection rate of 60%