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Sustainability Metrics

Sustainability Metrics

Sustainability Metrics


Wistron sets short-term, mid-term and long-term metrics and targets for topics of environment, society, governance, innovation (ESGI) and develops specific initiatives. Through regular review of implementation results, it deepens management actions to fulfill the commitment of sustainability.



  • Renewable energy usage: 52.79%
  • CDP Climate Change - Leadership Level: A-
  • Total energy savings of the six major energy conservation projects: -21.26 million kwh
  • Low carbon transformation in 2030: Carbon Neutral


  • Total social Investment amount: 199 million
  • Total employee training expenses: 174 million
  • Employees training for digital transformation: 34,685 people
  • Providing a happy work environment: Best Companies to Work for in Asia


  • Highest rating in the Corporate Governance Evaluation: Top 5%
  • Employee Code of Ethical Conduct Statement signature rate: 99.9%
  • Suppliers signed the RBA Code of Conduct: 87%
  • Building the best smart factory in the world: Lighthouse


  • Investment in innovation and R&D: 20.8 billion
  • Reduction of emissions through recycling plastic materials: - 49,116 CO2e
  • Patents awards: 6,265 cases
  • Invest in forward thinking technologies and start ups: Top 100 global innovations