Legal Compliance

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Legal Compliance

Legal Compliance

Legal Compliance

The Company has established internal operation regulations in accordance with standards in related regulations for public companies since 2001. After Wistron became a publicly-traded company, we adjusted the internal operation regulations in accordance with amendments of laws by the competent authority. We also require all subsidiaries of the Group to comply with changes in regulations. The Company also seeks to fulfill its core value, uphold high levels of professional ethics, and ensure that employees rigorously abide by the Company's ethical standards in daily work and businesses to protect the Company’s reputation, and earn the respect and trust of our customers, suppliers, and the society.

The Company has established the "Code of Conduct" to provide guidance to employees and supervisors of all levels. The Company's management pays close attention to any domestic or foreign policy or regulation that may affect the Company's finance and businesses. We have also established related risk management procedures and employee continuous education and training to improve employees' legal expertise. The Company complied with the laws and regulations between 2019 and 2022. Therefore, the Company did not receive major fines or other non-monetary punishments for matters related to social and economic regulatory compliance.