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Green Products

Green Products

Green Products


By 2020, all product lines have attained 100% compliance with Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE) regulations. Wistron complies with customer requirements, local energy regulations, energy label, and safety label requirements to design products that meet requirements. In 2020, the Company helped customers obtain various environmental protection labels. The sales from products with environmental protection labels account for 90.7% of hardware revenue. All product lines are 100% compliant with customer requirements, local energy regulations, and energy label requirements. There was no violation of product information labeling regulations and voluntary compliance.

Product safety management and guidelines


In order to ensure that the raw materials of products do not contain hazardous materials in order to protect the health and safety of consumers, Wistron has implemented design for environment. Wistron established the "Wistron Technical Standards for Environmental Monitoring of Hazardous Substances" and “Control Procedures for Products Not Containing Hazardous Materials” in accordance with IECQ QC 080000 standards, customers' special requirements, and the latest international regulations and trends, The Standards are used to verify that every component and packaging material meets customer requirements regarding hazardous materials and international environmental regulations. Effective management and monitoring mechanisms have been established and product lifecycle management (PLM) and green product management (GPM) systems have been created for material reviews. There are currently 10 banned substance and 154 regulated substances. The Company reviews regulations and customer standards every six months for the amendment of Wistron regulations. Wistron strictly requires suppliers to not use hazardous materials and disclose materials mentioned in related laws and regulations, in order to comply with customer guidelines as well as laws and regulations regarding raw materials. Wistron’s packaging materials mainly use renewable materials. We compile statistics every year based on the import/export customs declaration system for the weight of product materials and packaging materials.

Banned substances


Regulated substances


The Company has established the five major guidelines set forth below for managing products (including subsidiary materials) in accordance with regulatory trends and customers' environmental protection requirements. The guidelines are implemented in the procedures stipulated by the internal “Wistron Hazardous Substance Management Regulations” Defining the restriction standards for hazardous materials by the uniform material concentration and establishing the lists of complete controls and monitoring items. Wistron is committed to working together with our partners to not use materials hazardous to the environment, reducing the impact on the environment and ensuring the health of everyone.

Battery regulations


As batteries contain a vast number of chemical substances, all types of batteries must be labeled with recycling symbols based on the requirements of customers and different countries. They must be recycled and processed separately before discarding.

Packaging material regulations


The main regulations are subject to the packaging materials used for shipping finished products. For example: Corrugated cartons, packaging bags, cushioning materials, fixing devices, sheets, tapes, labels, plastic pads, coatings, and ink.