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To strengthen the governance mechanisms of Wistron's board of directors, the Board formally established the Audit Committee, the Compensation Committee and Nominating Committee in June 2009 , August 2011 and December 2019 respectively. All committees operate under the authority of the Board of Directors.

Committee Members

Title & Name Audit Committee Compensation Committee Nominating Committee ESG Committee Professional Qualification
Simon Lin
(Chairman & CSO)
Extensive industry experience and leadership, and familiar with  the interpersonal relationship of the industry
Robert Huang
(Vice Chairman & President of New Business)
(Convener) Extensive industry experience and sustainable development management
Jack Chen
(Independent Director)
(Convener) Extensive industry experience
S. J. Paul Chien
(Independent Director)
(Convener) Extensive industry experience and  familiar with the interpersonal relationship of the industry
Christopher Chang
(Independent Director)
(Convener) Major in  legal
Sam Lee
(Independent Director)
Major in Financial Accounting and Investments
Pei-pei Yu
(Independent Director)
Major in Financial Accounting and Investments

  • Note:The members of ESG Committee also include the management team of Wistron.

ESG Committee

For the implement sustainability, Wistron established "ESG Committee" in December 2019 to propose and enforce the corporate social responsibility policies, systems (or relevant management guidelines), and concrete promotional plans.

The Committee is composed of senior managers of Wistron and the Vice Chairman and President of New Business, Robert Hwang, as the chairman of the Committee. We also appointed the independent director, Sam Lee, as the conductor of Committee and will report to the Board of Directors on a periodic basis.