【Labor Welfare】The "Best Companies to Work for in Asia" awarded to Wistron's two plants in China and Malaysia

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【Labor Welfare】The "Best Companies to Work for in Asia" awarded to Wistron's two plants in China and Malaysia

Special Report on Sustainability
With “Wicare, Joy in Wistron” as the core theme, we encourage innovation experimentation, transformative thinking, talent cultivation, career development, and employee-centric compensation & benefits to create a comprehensive happy workplace, making it as the first choice for international talents and professionals seeking employment overseas. In 2022, Wistron's two major sites, the Kunshan OPT site and the Malaysia site, were awarded the "Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2022" by HR Asia, showcasing Wistron is commitment to local culture and the development of a diverse and inclusive workplace while operating globally.

We assessed the workplace conditions across all the sites round the world in order to implement the core theme of a "Happy Inclusive Workplace“. Furthermore, we consolidate the issues concerned by our employees and conduct comprehensive improvement projects in phases through prioritizing based on feasibility and benefit. In 2022, Wistron focused on frontline employees in its manufacturing sites, starting with five key initiatives: ①Employee Service Improvement, ②Labor Rights Protection, ③Labor Agency Management, ④Occupational Health & Injury Prevention and Improvement and ⑤Employee Caring & Welfare Assistant and paying attention to their physical and mental well-being. Once the improvement direction was established, corresponding happy workplace projects were initiated at Wistron's global locations, continuously enhancing employee engagement and retaining exceptional talents.

Five Major Points of Improvement

Aspects Key Initiatives
1. Improvement Living Conditions Addition of light food & salad bar, decoration of the canteen, renovation of the dormitory, distribution of health supplies, addition of rest space, holding of lectures and starting of clubs.
2. Protection of Labor Rights 5 plants have passed the RBA audit (silver medal level), and part of the plants have obtained FOC certificate.
3. Manpower Agency Management Construction of joint supplier model, establishment of supervisory mechanisms, implementation of supplier audits, and development of long-term partnerships.
4. Prevention and Treatment of Work Injury Addition of work-related injury management platform, first-aid kit management platform, health management platform, and arrangements of ergonomic assessment.
5. Coaching and Employee Care Establishment of consultation station, cultivation of coaches, development of coach certification, opening of company kindergarten.